Angela Baker

Angela Baker


When asked what she does, Angela Baker responds, “I do people.” Her passion is human genius and creating an environment where the genius of her children and those she mentors is discovered and developed. This life-long passion led her to seek alternative education for her children and leadership education for herself. She is an authentic, down-to-earth homeschool mom with 2 decades of experience.

For Angela, a favorite part of each day is reading to her children. She delights in clean bathrooms she didn’t clean; delicious food she didn’t cook; hearing the words “Can I help?” and spontaneous fun and laughter. She enjoys quiet study, fiery sunsets, climbing mountains, running, practicing the art of Taekwondo with her children, and refreshing moments of just sitting. Essentially, she is a human being who embraces the fullness of life and strives to respond in kindness to the people around her.

2018 - Creating a Spiritual Environment where Genius is Developed

Learn the principles of leadership and how Angela creates an environment of learning and where genius can be development. Education is not just about passing the tests to get into college. God’s education is so much more encompassing.