Belinda Ballantyne

Belinda Ballantyne


Belinda Ballantyne is a mother of 4 wonderful curious and loving children. She has homeschooled for 15 years. Belinda has taught science, history, literature and is a great field trip planner. Belinda is a great mentor, who cares deeply about the progress of each person she comes into contact with. 

2018 - A Full Literature Course Each Year

Learning Literature brings you closer to Christ and increases your love for your family and for freedom. I will teach you how I teach literature each year. I choose the book I want them to learn first. Each year we’ll learn a Shakespeare, a Classic, a Biography and something that pertains to their needs and/or the history we are learning. Each child creates their own notebook or record of learning. The children always know exactly what is required of them and what they will be learning. This is a fun and connected way to learn.

2018 - Heart to Art - Planning You Art Curriculum

There are many art programs out there to choose from. I could show you in detail how I teach art, but I feel it would be more beneficial to you to show you how I plan what we will learn for art. I will show you how I organize and how I choose what to learn and then I’ll show you some of the work my children did last year. 

Belinda also shares how her family uses the conference issue as part of their homeschooling – it is very inspiring.