Biblical Hebrew 

The Aleph-Bet and

Biblical Hebrew for

the Student of the Restored Gospel.


January 16 – April 24, 2019

Biblical Hebrew

for the Students of the Restored Gospel

Want to know the Hebrew meanings of the words in the Bible?
They give such richness to your learning!

The purpose of the class

  • Gain a stronger relationship and understanding of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and their teachings.
  • Learn to decipher the deeper meanings within words.
  • How to pronounce Hebrew letters and words.
  • Increase your testimony through this symbolic language.
  • Teach you the Eastern/Hebrew way of thinking and speaking (getting others to think).
  • Learn key Biblical Hebrew words
  • Read Genesis 1
  • Gain a stronger understanding of the history of the Hebrew language and translation process from Hebrew into English

My Goals

  1. To show your the hidden treasures found in the Hebrew language
  2. Help you become confident in studying Hebrew meanings


What Can You Expect

  • This is a language class for the whole family, the content will be geared for youth and adults with coloring activities the younger ones can work on.
  • It will take place online once a week.
  • The cost is $77 per family for all 14 weeks of classes.
  • We will meet in the mornings every Friday at 9:30 am to 10:45 am (possibly longer, depending on the questions and discussion)
  • This class will go from January 18 through April 19

We learn concepts and symbolism rarely taught or found in books or other classes…Tresta and Thom have a wealth of information from years and years of passionate and diligent study…Their generosity and time and talents are incredible and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for the huge way they have impacted my life and blessed both my family and me. They are extremely inspired and an amazing team and I LOVE their teaching methods. Thom and Tresta prove themselves, humble spiritual giants, bringing me incredible paradigm shifts as they rock my world.

Jennifer Hahn

What you’ll learn

(subject to change depending on the class discussion)

  • How to write and pronounce the 22 Hebrew letters
  • Hebrew Vowels and Consonants
  • Combining the letters into words
  • Patterns within the Hebrew language
  • Hebrew word structure
  • Hebrew sentence structure
  • To Read Hebrew words with vowels
  • To Read the Old Testamen

Plus You’ll Learn…

  • Discover twelve of God’s greatest symbols
  • Each day will include symbolism of the letters and words
  • Gain a stronger connection with God the Father
  • Have more confidence

Supplies You’ll Need

  1. A notebook for notes and vocabulary

  2. 3×5 cards are highly suggested (or use notes on your phone) for practicing

  3. Colored pencils to help you learn the letters and sounds