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Welcome to the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference
A gathering of homeschooler seeking spiritual enrichment who are committed to Learning of Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this conference different from others?

Great question! This conference is a conversational style interview (think talk show without the live audience).

  1. The presenters share their message with the host as if they are talking to you.
  2. The host asks each presenter how their message helps bridge the gap between school and the gospel. The answers we are getting are fantastic.
  3. The presenters are real, they share real life experiences and bear testimony of Christ throughout their interview.
  4. We are confident that you will leave inspired and uplifted and with ideas to help make you educational experience even more meaningful.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The most memorable moments in life are those in which we feel the rush of revelation.” Leaning Christ through academics and the lens of the gospel provides you with many opportunities for “rush[es] of revelation.”



What are the dates of the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference?

The conference airs August 27th through September 1st with a special Kick off Day on August 25th.

Each video is free to watch until the following night.

If you want lifetime access to all the videos and audio downloads you may purchase A Full Access Pass for $37 during the conference or $67 after the conference.

Where does the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference take place?

The Conference is 100% online – you can access it from your home or anywhere you have internet access on any device you own! In any room of your home, work, restaurant, park that has internet access, at any time of the day or night. Split up the video and watch half now and half later, anything you can imagine. 🙂

How will I access the curriculum conference?

A link is provided on the home page at and everyone that is registered for the conference will receive a link to the webinar in their email or on the facebook group and/or facebook group events.

How long do I have access to the conference?

When you register you’ll have full access to each presentation as it becomes live until the following night.

You may purchase all the recordings and have unlimited, lifetime access to all the videos and downloadable audios.

Or you may purchase the Library Access Card and have unlimited access to all the recordings from this and all previous conferences – across any and all devices you own.

What is the cost of the curriculum conference?

The conference is FREE for all attendees during the live sessions with 24+ hours to view the replay.

You may purchase the conference recordings for $37 for a LIFETIME access to all the video recordings and audio downloads plus limited access to the Librarian’s Corner and our blog.

Or you may purchase a Library Access Card for $19.97 a month for unlimited access to the whole library including archives of all previous conferences.

What is the cost of a Library Access Card?

The cost is normally $19.97 a month or $47 for three months access.

During the Conference, you may purchase a Library Access Card for 14.97/month.

What is available with the Library Access Card?

You will have unlimited access to all the recordings from this conference and the full archive from previous conferences (including audios from the past 7 LDS Homeschool Conferences and videos from other Called to Learn conferences and interviews). Each month we add new interviews and presentations to the membership. You’ll also receive discounts on specialty classes, handouts and our new online school.

I'm not a homeschooler, what's in it for me?

The conference is built around the idea that we need to bridge the gap between the gospel and academic learning. Whether you homeschool, public school or are a life long learner you will get something out of this conference that will help you see everything, including academic learning, through the lens of the gospel.

I'm not LDS, what's in it for me?

Called to Learn welcomes any and all religious beliefs, even if the individual has none. Each religion is respected as well as the individual who believes and practices it. The presenters are encouraged to use Latter-day doctrines and principles while teaching the subject. The learner is encouraged to take away the truth and universal principles from the presentation that applies to them individually.

Will you be proselyting the LDS religion?

No, this conference was NOT created to promote Mormonism, however the doctrine and the principles are encouraged. The Latter-day Saint perspective is not restricted. We believe all learning seen through the lens of the gospel is the best way to learn and increases our relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.

What will be presented at this curriculum conference?

We have asked special guests from all walks of life. These presenters are sharing with you their “callings” – what they feel called to learn and do. We have a variety of academic subjects such as Literature, Geography, History, Language and Science. Other presenters share specialty or lost subjects such as etiquette, hospitality, patriotism, environment, genius, etc.

Who will be Presenting at the Curriculum Conference?

Some of the presenters are Michelle Stone of Celestial Education, Karen Arnesen who taught Principle Approach, Literature for years, Molly Christensen of Building Heroes Academy, and we have professionals such as Dean Sessions who teaches the New Millennial Science, Ron Bartholomew who teaches institutes classes for youth and adults and Brent and Kolleen DeGraff who have run the Liahona Academy, an LDS private school, for years and many more. You will love the line-up of presenters.

Are the sessions live? Do I have to tune in at a certain time?

No. All session are prerecorded and we will released per day during the conference week. Once the sessions are released you have 24+ hours to view them or your may purchase all of them and have lifetime viewing access.

Is special equipment required?

No. you can access the conference from the computer, tablet, phone, or any internet -enabled device.

Who is the organizer/owner of the 2018 Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference?

Thom and Tresta Neil are the founder/owners of the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference. They can be reached at


Have a question that wasn’t answered here?

No problem! Send us your question via email to and we will get right back to you

Where is the conference community groups located?

The conference community groups are private Facebook groups for conference attendees only.

What is Called to Learn?

Called to Learn (CTL) is an organization who believes that we should bridge the gap between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and secular/academic learning. Secular learning is taking too many of our children away from the TRUTH of the Gospel and we want to connect/unite them once again.


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Learning All Things Through the Lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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