Center Point Academy

A Gospel Directed Learning Center

Announcing: LDS Online Classes: Symbology (Math), Hebrew, Science (UM) and more available this Fall.

We are a live online learning center where families can learn together. Most classes are gear toward youth and adults, but many pre-teens have thrived in the classroom. We focus on learning through projects, discussions, presentations and teaching one another.


Affordable prices are per family.

All classes guided by Thom and Tresta Neil

Learning Center Classes meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 to 12 MDT:

  • Science – Universal Model, geological evidence of the flood
  • Math 1 – Geometry Shapes and Symbols in the Scriptures – CIRCLES
  • Math 2 – Geometry Shapes and Symbols in the Scriptures – LINES
  • English, the Language of the Restoration


Early Morning Scripture Study Class is every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:30 am MDT

  • Hebrew in the Scriptures
  • Old Testament 
  • Hebrew culture
  • Thinkers during the Old Testament times (Euclid)

Go here for more information.

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