History Through Family History (52 min)


Finding the Joy of History

Through Family History

Mark Fincher

I love history! Wouldn’t you like to hear that come from your own mouth on a regular basis, let alone your kids? History doesn’t have to be about dates and events in far off places. It can be an engaging subject by recognizing the individuals that made it.

How many of your ancestors were part of it? Come learn how you can find your ancestors’ impact on history, and history’s impact on them that makes it personal to you. It will also help make your ancestors dear friends as you seek them out of the pages of history.

Mark is a seasoned home school father of five and supportive husband living in Orem, UT. As the Chief Mentor at Living Tree Connections, he helps people to move their lives forward by working toward results they want.

His passion for family history and learning to become more connected to individuals he meets and to his ancestors drives him to help people understand who they are and why they are eternally important.

Mark and his wife, Jolene stopped by the Orem studio on a Saturday afternoon. They were a joy to work with. Jolene watched as Mark presented and then she join him as they answered questions and told their story.

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