Firing up Your ‘Creative Response’

by Bicki Smith at the LDS Homeschool Conference 2013



The ‘Creative Response’ is hardwired into each of us. It will, if allowed and encouraged, manifest in unique ways suited to the gifts, experiences, culture and interests of each individual. There are, however, some fundamental strategies that can be used to help switch the ‘Creative Response’ on and the ‘Creative Block’ off. Learn 7 ways to cut through the fear and walk into a world of accomplishment, value, purpose and joy. Your kids will benefit in many ways both academically and emotionally when they have the freedom, encouragement and celebration to use their ‘Creative Response’ throughout the day.

This response has contributed to pretty much everything we enjoy in our modern world. Creation work is in high demand in nearly every industry and is needed in the resolution of critical problems both in our world and in our homes.

Fire up your ‘Creative Response’ and help your children to do so as well. Play with a few simple art activities that you can take home and do with your kids to help them see and think better. Learn 7 ways to get past the ‘Creative Block’ into the freedom of ‘Creative Response’.


Bicki Smith spent her childhood exploring the spaces of southern Alberta’s rolling foothills. She found hidden treasures of wild flowers, bugs, pussy willows and wild berries nestled along the banks of lazy gurgling creeks.

Nature was her first teacher, followed by a wonderful primary grade teacher who believed in enrichment and creativity. It was in Mrs. Thompson’s classroom that Bicki discovered the fun of creative explorations and art.

Her creative journey eventually took her to the art department at BYU. Since her graduation in Art & Design her journey has taken her into the classroom as a teacher, then into the role of a librarian and then back again into the classroom. She has taught art both privately and in public schools.

Bicki is currently taking her life mission as a teacher of creativity to the world wide web and sharing her vision of every child being a unique, one-of-a-kind creator, whether 7 or 107 years young.

Bicki’s vision is to help families encourage and celebrate the ‘creative response’ that is hardwired into each of us. She believes that as we honor that response in each other we will partner with joy to make the world a better place to live in.

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