A House of Order


I will share how my children and I make the gospel an integral part of our lives, patterning our systems after Heavenly Father’s systems!  I will help you recognize how Heavenly Father helps us grow in certain ways, through routines and order… Then I will help you figure out how to keep similar order in your own homeschool routine.  When we strive to make our home a heaven on earth, then we (both as parents and children in the family) can be homeschooled by Heavenly Father himself through the Holy Ghost!

Regan Barnes simply loves to share all that she is learning in her life journey.  She is blessed with a fabulous husband and together they have six children ranging from eight months to eleven years old.  She likes to pull from a variety of educational philosophies and pick and choose what works best for her individual children, with the Holy Ghost as the main sounding board!  She graduated from Indiana University, served a mission in Russia, and then got her MRS. at BYU while taking the classes geared toward future seminary teachers.




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