A House of Order


A House of Order

by Yvonne Swinson | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015 Southern Utah

Having children home all day, focused on education, creativity and family is not always conducive to a clean, orderly home. There are great strategies for keeping a “house of order.” Rather than feeling overwhelmed with housework at the end of every day – or the beginning of every day – learn some techniques for simplifying housework, getting kids involved in work, and creating an environment which invites order and the Spirit.  We have been told our homes are among the most sacred places on earth. Can our homes really be like the temple? Come find out.

Yvonne was born in North Carolina and has also lived in Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia and Utah. She attended Brigham Young University, studying Child Development and Literature. After college, she met her husband Steve in a singles branch; they now have six children and live in sunny southern Utah. Yvonne has homeschooled all of her children and is also the creator of the popular “Real Mom” guides (www.polarstarstudies.com). In 2013, she published 33 Habits of a Really Good Man, an inspirational book about her father. Her hobbies include travel, hiking, coaching gymnastics, reading, and anything related to the beach.

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