A Spirit-Filled Homeschool


A Spirit-Filled Homeschool - The Principle Approach

by Stephanie Dale | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

A Spirit-Filled Homeschool – The Principle Approach

Parents will come away from this class feeling inspired and empowered to be able to teach their children truths throughout all areas of the curriculum. I will explain the benefits of teaching children using a “virtue” of the week, and connecting their literature, quote memorization, music and all of the other subjects of the day (math, history, science) to that one virtue or principle. This method increases learning and retention as everything is connected and builds on each other throughout the day and week, and it also lends itself to teaching by the spirit. The Latter-Day-Learning curriculum will be discussed as a wonderful curriculum for parents who would like the lessons and activities planned for them.

I am the mother of 7 children and have been involved in this wonderful adventure we call “alternative education” for over 20 years. My favorite memories are of homeschooling my older children and I now have the privilege of teaching my younger children, and my grandchildren at the private school that I opened 7 years ago called Liberty Youth Academy. As often as possible I tutor children with Dyslexia and mentor new homeschooling parents. My passion is teaching children truths, and helping other parents to do the same!

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