Homeschool Advocate – Addy Eisenach (39 min)


Homeschool Advocate – Addy Eisenach

Homeschool Advocate
Friends ask why she doesn’t go to public school, I tell them, no, I’ve got too much to learn. Addy is an excited homeschooler with many interests. One being horses which has lead her to learning about business, websites, designing, sewing, etc. Homeschooling has been the best way to learn and grow in areas she loves.

Addy Eisenach is a spit fire. She loves homeschooling and having the freedom to learn the things she wants to. She also, enjoys being about to study the gospel with all learning. She would not change a thing. She watched her mother’s interview and then while visiting with her we invited her to be interviewed too – what a joy! It was a special treat to watch her with her horse.




Addy Eisenach is fifteen years old and is passionate about horses and homeschooling. Addy started homeschooling when she was seven years old and she understands the importance of putting God back into education. She attends commonwealth school, and is teaching herself a number of different subjects including how to run her own business! Addy understands that “with God, all things are possible” and she is already moving forward with her dreams and ideas. When Addy is not taking care of her horse and running her business she enjoys gardening, sewing, baking and spending time with her family.

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