Principles – Ali Eisenach (52 min)


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A Meeting with the Principle

We have watched public education take a spiraling downward turn over the last 50 years. God has been removed from the classroom, prayer is now illegal, and parental rights are almost non-existent. In order to discover the “Why” behind the educational decline we have to take a look back in Utah history. What did the early brethren have to say about education in Zion? What principles should govern a divine education?

There is hope for the future! God has given us the tools to educate ourselves and our children.

We just need to have a “Meeting with the Principle!”

We traveled down to Cedar City and met Ali in her home early one morning. Her family was so accommodating and she was a great hostess!


Ali Eisenach is a homeschooling mother of four kids and currently lives in Cedar City, Utah. In 2008 Ali began creating recipe books with the hopes of helping her family work their way out of debt. She launched her business Lemon Poppy Inc. in 2010.

Ali is a self-taught food photographer and graphic designer and has printed and published over 10 recipe books. Ali’s recipe books have been featured on KSL Studio Five, and Fresh Living. Ali also does freelance food photography for LDS Living magazine.

This past year Ali stepped away from creating recipe books and put her heart into writing a book about education called “A Meeting with the Principle” An Education to Usher in the Millennium.

Ali Eisenach is a great, great, great, granddaughter to President George Q. Cannon, who was a counselor to 4 different prophets and a passionate voice for education in the early days of the church. Ali hopes to inspire others to turn their hearts to God and seek principle-based options for the education of their children.

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