An Adventure


What does cotton, creativity and words have in common?  Come find out at this Adventure!

Thom Neil is an enthusiastic, passionate, loyal husband to Tresta and dad to eight amazing children. He introduced homeschooling to his family and has encouraged its success in their home. Enthusiasm for life’s good, passion for his family and trust in the Lord led him through the darkest of valleys including his son’s liver failure and transplantation. His experiences give him insight into the eyes of those he mentors. With his passion for learning and continued education from life, he inspires other men, women and their children to a life full of transformational learning. Thom has been mentoring and training all ages in Utah for over 10 years on leadership, personal connection and life transformation.


Darren Bassett went through his early teen years feeling and thinking he was a nobody. He never won any elections or popularity contests. Things started to change his Sophomore year. He became involved in tech crew, choir, and cross country. He was comfortable with himself and his talents even if he wasn’t “popular”. Now he has started two businesses with his wife: Bassett Design printing promotional products and The Bassett Foundation, a charity supporting families with cancer.

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