Batten Down the Hatches, There is Joy to be Had!


Batten Down the Hatches, There is Joy to be Had!

by Misty Thompson | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

There is so much joy to be had in this life, but satan is very active in the war he has declared and it is in full force today. What are you doing to protect yourself and your family? I have interviewed multiple homeschool parents about their experiences, good and bad, and what they have done well, and not so well, and I believe some of their answers will help you in your homeschool experience. I also have my own unlimited chest full of tools that I encourage you to use to recognize when you are being spiritually attacked, what to use to seal off the attack, how to strengthen you and your family. You will learn how to reinforce the knowledge that we are stronger than the adversary and are on the side that will win this war. There is joy to be experienced during this time. Using these tools will not only empower you in new, exciting directions, but you will learn to welcome these trials. Because then you will know you are coming upon another spiritual promotion, when you choose to see it that way instead. Through not believing the lies that tell you that you cannot do this hard thing, you gain power, clarity and peace. And that is the great news.

I am the mother of 22 children. I grew up the 2nd child of 8 from Farmington, NM. I have 4 children serving missions currently for the LDS church. I love riding my Kawasaki Vulcan Classic motorcycle for my own personal therapy. I have been a personal mentor/public speaker since 2008. I homeschool the 7 children I have left at home. I took 2nd place in the 100M dash in the 2006 UT Olympic Summer Games. I have trained as a Sioux Chef professionally, as well as a weight trainer and nutrition specialist. I teach classes in healing the body using natural healing methods, including essential oils. I am also an energy healer of 3 different modalities and love learning new things that the Lord has provided for us to create the life we are meant to live. I use all of these passions in my life to meet others so we can bless each others lives by finding and living into our lives missions. I truly believe there is something to be learned from everyone put in our path. What matters most to me is to assist others to move their lives in the direction that makes their heart sing. To find their passion, their mission, and live into that, blessing the whole world, just for being in it.


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