Bring the Fun Back into Homeschool!


Bring the Fun Back into Homeschool!

by Sherri Boekweg | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

As parents we nurture our children.  If getting your children to “do their schoolwork” is causing you stress and straining the parent-child relationship, then it is time to lighten up and bring the fun back into home school. This is a hands-on participation class with lots of ideas for activities, games, songs and creative ways for learning and practicing skills in the core subjects that are often done with worksheets and a lot of seat-work. Most of the ideas presented will be geared for the elementary grades but will also include some ideas for making learning fun in middle-school grades as well. So come ready to get in the action and make learning and reviewing fun and nurturing.


Using the scriptures, prophets, resources from the church distribution center I will offer answers to the above questions.


1 Prayerfully decide and record

2 Check the Pulse and Create Vision

3 MAP the Journey

4 Lay the Foundation- Scriptures, Prophets, LDS Family Guide Book, Teach a Child to Read Using the Book of Mormon, The Door to My Father’s Study is Always Open (aka nature studies)

5 Momculture- Mom’s continuing education- the 15 minute Solution

6 Records- Journals, Book of Remembrance, Commonplace Books


Sherri Boekweg has been homeschooling for 18 years understands the challenges that come with trying to teach our children, especially ones that do better with active learning than with seatwork and worksheets. She has always tried to find ways to make learning fun, and she has written many educational songs and created games and activities that she has used with her children throughout the years. Sherri is the mother of four daughters, and is currently homeschooling her youngest, who are 13-year old twins. She lives in Mount Pleasant, Utah.




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