Keynote – Aneladee Milne (52 min)



Come and learn why we get burned out and why we begin to doubt our intuition. Also learn about the maze in your mind, the functions of the frontal cortex and two ways you can get out of the crazy maze.
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Aneladee Milne is a homeschool mom with more than twenty years of experience. She is the co-founder of LEMI – Leadership Education Mentoring Institute, a mentor training company. She and her business partner, Tiffany Earl created the “Scholar Projects,” curriculum for youth seeking to get a meaningful, liberal arts type education using a modern approach. Their company has produced The Key of Liberty, Shakespeare Conquest, Sword of Freedom, Hero Project, Pyramid Project, Georgics, Q.U.E.S.T. and the Edison Project. Aneladee is the author of The New Commonwealth School – Building the Right Community for Your Family and Education and The Mentor’s Handbook. She and her husband are the authors of the delightful homeschool read-a-loud adventure book, The Lost DaVincis. Aneladee’s most recent pursuit is to protect the youth of the world from addictive habits. She has written an addiction prevention/self-mastery curriculum with her mentor and friend Maurice W. Harker, CMHC called Eternal Warriors, an LDS based self-mastery program for people of all ages. She currently trains Eternal Warriors. Aneladee is a graduate of George Wythe College and a current graduate student. She is passionately dedicated to the quest for knowledge and understanding, so that wisdom about freedom can be spread to all seekers of truth in the world.

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