By Study and By Faith- The Lord’s Pattern


By Study and By Faith- The Lord's Pattern for Building Faith through Education

by Audrey Rindlisbacher | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

Three separate times in modern revelation, the Savior let us know that there are many who are struggling with their faith. Mercifully, He gave us the solution—we are to seek diligently words of wisdom out of the best books. In addition, the Lord implores us on multiple occasions in the scripture to “seek, and ye shall find.” To seek in scriptural terms is to learn and study. But how is this done? How can learning increase faith? We are surrounded by examples everyday of educational pursuits which produce an actual decrease of faith, with many of the Church’s brightest finally leaving behind their beliefs. This doesn’t have to happen, though. With a clearer understanding of the nature of faith, its dependence on evidence, how it is built and how it is destroyed coupled with knowledge of true educational principles and how they can best be applied, every Latter Day Saint parent and teacher can be armed with the tools to build faith through education. That is what the Lord intends and that is what He wants—children and disciples who build faith through learning.

Audrey Rindlisbacher has a classical liberal arts Bachelor’s Degree from George Wythe University and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Education from Harrison Middleton University. She teaches study skills and literature at GWU. In addition to founding the Ten Boom Institute, Audrey has served on multiple boards for various organizations. She loves sharing her experiences in educating herself and her 6 children on radio and at seminars, rallies and conventions. Her current passion is building seminars and study programs for the Ten Boom Institute.




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