Celebrate Me: Embracing Your Worth


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Celebrate Me: Embracing your worth to share it with others (youth)


We will cover:

Creating healthy self image

The media and body image

Love your self and respect others


Find your inner super hero


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Amy Walker is the President and founder of A Celebration of Real Beauty.  The organization hosts large scale community education events with the goal of promoting healthy self-image in women of all ages.  Amy believes each woman has a unique brand of beauty that should be embraced and celebrated.  Amy also works in schools teaching girls about body image and personal value.  Amy is a Wife, Mother, Trainer and Mentor.  She wears many hats and understands the value of balance.  Amy recognizes that women are at the heart of every strong society.  Her mission is to assist women in valuing themselves so they can create the strength they need to fulfill their many demands.  Amy works with individually with clients and speaks to groups.  She has trained for many different organizations including; Utah State office of Education, Utah Women’s Realtor’s Council, Mary Kay Cosmetics, State Farm Insurance, Keller Williams, Lifetime Products, Parker Hannifin , private and church groups and more.  Amy has created an audio library to support women in their education that includes 7 CD’s.  Her Powerful Parenting Forum is being used in charter schools.  Amy loves working with and inspiring women of all ages.

Amy met her husband Stephen at BYU and they have been married for 12 years.  They are the parents to 5 sons ages 10, 8, 6, 2 and 6 months.  They love spending time together playing, watching movies or just being silly.

“When you impact a woman, you impact her entire community!”




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