The 4th Stage of Celestial Education (47:55)


Celestial Education: the 4th Stage

by Michelle Stone | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

Seeking to learn more of the faith of those who founded the USA? Awaken to truths about who those amazing people were, the courageous founding fathers and mothers of our nation. We know much about the men. Who were the women who gave them birth, taught them, stood by their sides, sacrificed and even shed their blood in fighting for the freedoms which brought forth the Greatest Nation on earth? Through our gratitude for them, how can we maintain and protect those freedoms?

I was raised in a large Gospel-centered family, 1 of 9 children, where education was a high priority.  My parents also taught us from a very young age to love our heritage and to be proud to be Americans and to how blessed land with a Divinely inspired Constitution.We were taught to be patriotic, to love patriots, our flag, the beautiful music of our country and to give voice to the “red, white & blue” blood that flows in our veins, and that the founding of this country was essential for the Gospel to be restored.

Keith Lockhart — Education in Zion




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