You Are Enough Now! (16min)


You Are Enough Now!

Misty Thompson

You choose to homeschool because you want the very best for your children. Sometimes, life happens and challenges why we choose to make sacrifices and we question why we are doing this. Am I enough for my children, will they be prepared for their life from what I teach them? These are all valid questions and the ones we should take a look at to get what we need to bless our children’s lives with what they need to be prepared to live into their divine missions. We are enough now to empower them to this place. I will be about filling your heart and minds with empowering words of inspiration that will fill any void you may have about why you are enough for your family now.

I am a mother of 22 children. I love to experience life to it’s fullest. I am a personal mentor and group trainer. I am a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist. I love to ride my motorcycle. I am in love with cooking and have done so on a professional level. I am about embracing change and running with the new learned skills and lessons. I am about empowering others to discover and live into who they truly are, discover their gifts and make a positive difference in their life as well as those they touch. We are blessed with a gift of life to live in the now and what we choose daily, changes the world.

The event, Parent’s Guide to Homeschool Survival took place the Spring of 2013.

Do you love Homeschooling
but sometimes feel overwhelmed?

We can relate!  In the fall homeschooling can be wonderful and exciting and filled with energy and lots of plans.  By February and March the energy has faded and we begin to wonder if we’ll get through all the plans we made last fall.

Here’s what we fight against:

  • So many choices in schools, co-ops, academies, and curricula
  • Each of our children desire something different and keep changing
  • A typical day does not always go as we planned and negative emotions set in
  • We have mixed emotions
  • Feelings fill our mind are they getting enough? Are they behind? What if …?
  • We compare ourselves to other homeschoolers and feel inadequate

We have all been there!  Let’s make this year different.  A little shift in perspective and you can have an increase of energy and joy that will help you last through the end of the school year.


What if you:

  • received the light, love, and healing God is already sending to you.
  • knew how to spot SPARKS, the genius of a child
  • knew 3 keys to helping yourself and your children get an education that truly creates impact.
  • learned one simple principle that would turn your homeschool around in just a few minutes and restore interest and enthusiasm right now
  • knew how to nurture a relationship with your child
  • lived what you know that you may know moreeven God.
  • knew the key to a thriving homeschool
  • knew how to get your homeschooler into college
  • and your children knew how to find and teach doctrines and principles easily


Sounds too good to be true right?

As Homeschoolers we are powerful creators!  And we have a great responsibility and impact on our family and our community.  Your perspective and vision can create change faster than you can imagine.  You are doing great!  

                                     Here is our gift to you!

These wonderful homeschoolers throughout the United States have gotten together to bring you The Parent’s Guide to Homeschool Survival.   Each presenter will give you a quick (15-30 minute) training that will inspire and encourage you to make it through the end of the year with a smile on your face and loving children around you.