Character Development: Systems


Course Overview:

Spiritual Growth

How is your relationship with Heavenly Father? Do you trust him in all things?

Your relationship with God, the Father and Jesus Christ are foundational to all growth. The closer you get to them the more you increase in learning. This section focuses on how God communicates with you through the spirit and how to increase your faith.

You will learn more ways:

  • to study the scriptures
  • to find and apply principles
  • to know how the Holy Spirit speaks to you personally
  • to teach spiritual things to your children
  • to act (move) in faith
  • to show you trust in him in all things, including the things you hold on to

God is consistent and therefore, can be trusted.

God is loving and therefore, can be cherished.

God is reliable and therefore, can be depended on.

Lessons in this Course: