Choose Your Own Adventure: What Will You Decide?


Choose Your Own Adventure: What Will You Decide?

by Nicholeen Peck | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

THEY are everywhere!  THEY are out to get you and me!  The world is no longer the same because of THEM!  Sounds like a horror movie huh?  Well, for today’s youth many days can feel this dramatic!  Is there a life for youth without drama?  Can youth have success, happiness, and purpose and still have a good time?  Who are THEY anyway?  I hate to break it to you, but THEY are……teenagers!  This class is all about you and about THEM, and how you are way different from THEM.  Whether you have ever called yourself a teenager or not, I bet you are not the same as THEM.  Come find out why, and be inspired to be the youth you were meant to be.


Nicholeen Peck dances around her house in her pajamas, sings in the shower at the top of her lungs, and talks to people all over the country about how to build strong relationships and become people of virtue and courage.  She is passionate about communication and feels that the key to making a great person a great leader is communication.  Nicholeen is most known for her Teaching Self Government Seminars and website.  She is the author of Parenting A House United, Londyn LaRae Says Okay, and Timeless Principles of Raising Great Kids.  Nicholeen reads every classic she can get her hands on.  The older the better!  Her favorite pastimes include studying, writing, teaching Shakespeare, dancing, laughing out loud, baking and astronomy.



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