Creating Systems: (53:40 Mins)


Creating Systems: Home Management and Home School

by Tami Maloney | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

Creating Systems: Home Management and Home School

Have you ever wondered, “How am I going to do it all?” Come learn about a few things that may make your home and homeschool run smoothly. In this home management course, you will discover the best practices of family work, mentoring children, teaching return and report, time management, creating systems and more. Facebook group – Creating Systems: Home School and Home Management

Tami Maloney, wife to Superman and mother to the Fab4, has educated her children at home since conception. She loves books and bread (especially cinnamon rolls) and tries to crunch granola as often as possible. As a woman of faith, she heavily relies on the spirit to direct and also vehemently opposes things in society that damage the family. Her four children are awesome, but all know each one is her favorite. She couldn’t be on this wonderful journey of home education without the constant and consistent support of her Superman.



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