Creating Your Life’s Work (48:17)


Creating Your Life’s Work: Discovering your (and your children’s) potential for genius and greatness through creating and living the work of your dreams

by Reggie Walker | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

In D&C 93:36 we are taught, “The glory of God is intelligence…” We are also taught that we were ‘intelligences’ and spirit children of our Heavenly Father. What can we learn about this word ‘intelligence’? Also, how important is it for us to be creative? What did Joseph Smith have to say about the Creation and how can we apply its powerful meaning to our own life, our work and our creative process? Putting these two words together as ‘creative intelligence’ can introduce us to a unique perspective on our own personal potential and how we can achieve it – helping us in becoming all that the Lord intends for us. Most importantly, the more creative and more intelligent we are, the more effective we’ll be in serving others and becoming ‘a light that cannot be hid’. Through examples drawn from the gospel, education, business and life we’ll uncover key elements required to go from a harried day-to-day ‘work life’ to building your own, important ‘life’s work’. And we’ll do it in a way that can easily be taught to your children – as you share in the process of working together as a family to reach your exponential potentials!

Reggie Walker has a background in business, creativity and the arts. He has taught homeschool courses in the community and has 3 daughters who homeschool. In business, he has worked as an executive in Organizational Development leading corporate training, team building and employee improvement programs and has also been a top performer on award winning sales and marketing teams. Reggie now operates his own business where he is a public speaker, trainer, coach and writer. He has researched intelligence, creativity and human potential for over 15 years. He loves teaching kids and adults about their amazing potential and how to achieve it. He is also devoted to creativity and the arts. He is an award winning artist, has acted in theater, is a songwriter, has studied filmmaking, and has many other creative interests – the most important being that of helping others create their own powerful life’s work. Reggie grew up in the southeast but now calls Utah home. He and his wife, Leslie, are the parents of 4 and grandparents of 13.


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