Divine Manifestations


Divine Manifestations

by Kent Nielsen | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

In a letter Joseph Smith wrote to his uncle, he expounds upon the notion that ‘if the saints of old had divine manifestations why shouldn’t we?’ We will study this letter to discover for ourselves the need and impact of having divine manifestations. Come prepared to be immersed in Joseph Smith’s letter to his uncle and the scriptures. If you would like a copy of this letter in preparation to get more out of the class go to my website and request a copy in the comment section: www.madewholepublishing.com


Hi, I’m Kent. I live the portfolio life as a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. My wife and I live in Provo, Utah and have four children. I graduated from BYU with University Honors—this is significant because I did an honor’s thesis on Joseph Smith. As an American Studies major, I picked most of my classes and focused on the study of Mormonism. For over twenty years I’ve studied success principles and Mormon Doctrine. I look forward to meeting you and teaching on a subject dear to my heart.



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