Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Children (53:47 Mins)


Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Children

by Molly Christensen | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

Entrepreneurship seems risky! Why would you want to encourage that?? Entrepreneurship is not just for a select few and it’s not simply an alternative to a job, it’s a mindset we can all benefit from. Children are naturals at this and the skills they can gain from entrepreneurship will serve them no matter what they end up doing as adults. They will learn the skills of work, self-confidence, continual learning, problem-solving, faith, abundance, people skills and more. And yes, they might even earn some money while they’re at it and pay for their own church mission. This is real-life learning at its best. Come find out why entrepreneurship needs to be a part of your homeschool and how to set up the atmosphere to encourage it.

Molly Christensen is the mother of 7 wonderful children ages 3-20 who are learning to live a mission-minded life. She fought the crazy idea of homeschooling for a few years before she took the plunge and began homeschooling in 2000. Molly graduated from BYU with a degree in mechanical engineering. She is passionate about learning and is a voracious reader. She has founded several co-ops and is currently the principal mentor of homeschool commonwealth, Aspire Scholar Academy. She has taught numerous classes for youth including leadership, Latin, science, and math. She has a talent for taking many pieces and pulling them together into one big picture and sharing that vision with others. She blogs at www.mentoryourkids.comand offers hero training courses and mentoring in her “spare” time. Molly loves encouraging others in their life journey!



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