Expectation Trap VS The Success Cycle (54 Mins)


Expectation Trap VS The Success Cycle

by Nicholeen Peck | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

When does frustration hit you? Why does it come? Do you ever get angry and regret it later? Why do people get angry when they really don’t want to turn into monsters or emotional wrecks? It’s because of the expectation trap. Most people fall into the expectation trap on a regular basis. There is a way out, and expectations aren’t bad. Find out how to turn expectations into success instead of emotional traps. This is the secret to you loving your homeschool experience and accomplishing more each day.

Nicholeen Peck is the mother of four and previous foster parent of many difficult and troubled teens. The Peck family’s success with these difficult children was based upon calmness, the principles of self- government, and good communication. She has been teaching people around the world the principles of Self-Government since 1999. She has done Self-Government teaching tours in the United Kingdom and China. In 2009, Nicholeen and her family were featured in a one hour BBC documentary about parenting. She has appeared on various news shows and radio programs to discuss effective parenting. She is a popular public speaker, author of the books, Parenting a House United, Londyn LaRae Says Okay, Porter Earns A Quarter, Big Win For Quin, many magazine articles, and a blog called http://TeachingSelfGovernment.com




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