Experience is NOT ​the Best Teacher


Experience: Not the Best Teacher

Experience is NOT the Best Teacher

If experience was the best teacher then we’d all be getting better as we get older and not many people do not get wiser as they get older. Why aren’t they better after the experience? It is because they don’t reflect on their experiences.

When we reflect about our experiences, about the person we met or the things we learned that reflections teaches us more than experience itself.

Thom and Tresta Neil are happy parents of eight wonderful children.  We met while working at a nursing home in Provo, Utah. Thom is from New Hampshire and served a LDS mission in Italy. Tresta is from New Mexico and served a LDS mission in the Netherlands. Thom waited for Tresta as she served and were married shortly after her return.  After they had their first four children, in 4 1/2 years, Thom brought up his desire to homeschool. Tresta thought he was mad!  After much persuading she decided to try it and has never looked back!  Together they are the owners of Keystone Education and the directors of the LDS Homeschool Conference in Utah. They are sought after presenters. They both have a unique resumes: Thom delivered half a dozen sets of twins as a teenager and Tresta sat on a cactus.

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