Habits that Grow People (16min)


Habits that Grow People into their Potential

Karen Bates

Habits the Grow People into their Potential

Weekly Reflections and Daily Priorities are two habits that are extremely powerful tools for learning to hear God’s voice in our lives and acting on those feelings.  When done with the proper focus, these habits will help you and your children learn the skill of receiving personal revelation. The increase I saw in my children’s self-motivation and the ability to accomplish their goals was surprisingly fast when we started to routinely make time for these two habits.


Karen Bates is a homeschooling mom of 7 (soon-to-be 8) kids, ages 3-17. She loves doing anything outdoors, getting cozy with a good book, and dancing with her 3 year old. Karen has started and led several homeschooling co-ops, trained mentors, assisted in creating and writing the Vanguard Method for homeschooling groups, and has  mentored youth in Literature, Science, History, Leadership and creative projects. She also enjoys writing. She is currently working on book which she may title, “21 Habits that Grow People into Their Potential” She would love feedback on the draft she is writing at habits.blog – just log in and send a request to join the site. She also keeps a public family/education blog at thetaleofourquest.blogspot.com. ​


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