Finding Balance with Young Readers and Writers (51:03)


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One of the challenges in this life is to find balance without going crazy! Being a homeschool family complicates this even further. Teaching children to read and write can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of homeschooling. However, learning to read and write is a lot like learning the gospel. There are a few really important things–things that have to be taught. Then it comes down to the application and practice. This presentation will help homeschool parents of new readers to find balance by knowing how to approach reading and writing with their children. You will come away from the presentation with real understanding of how reading develops, what aspects need your focus, and how to know (not guess) that your child is really progressing at learning to read and write.

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I have taught in the public schools 12 years–early elementary and reading specialist. I also have taught preschool and done private tutoring. For the last four years, I have homeschooled my own three children. I have helped many homeschool parents learn how to develop reading and writing skills in their own children.





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