First Steps:  Laying a Solid Foundation in the Pre-School Years


First Steps: Laying a Solid Foundation in the Pre-School Years

by Donna Goff | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

What do preschoolers (and older children just coming to home education) need to prepare them to succeed in life and learning? Where is a good place to start?  How do I put in place a solid foundation?  What is family work and why is it vital? What is Homeculture?  What is Momculture?  How do I track progress? What are commonplace books and how can I use them to simplify my life? Join me to discover the answers, resources, and more…

Using the scriptures, prophets, resources from the church distribution center I will offer answers to the above questions.

  1. Prayerfully decide and record
  2. Check the Pulse and Create Vision
  3. MAP the Journey
  4. Lay the Foundation- Scriptures, Prophets, LDS Family Guide Book, Teach a Child to Read Using the Book of Mormon, The Door to My Father’s Study is Always Open (aka nature studies)
  5. Momculture- Mom’s continuing education- the 15 minute Solution
  6. Records- Journals, Book of Remembrance, Commonplace Books

Donna Goff and her husband Roger have seven children 13-33 and ten grandchildren under eight! She converted to the church at seventeen. Donna has home educated since 1983. She has a BA in Fine Art and Design, BYU ’80/ MA Ed., GWU ‘08. Donna has been a keynote speaker and has presented at dozens of conferences in CA, NV, UT , VA, and online since 1995. She created Momculture and Mentoring Our Own  yahoo groups; founded  (2002) and  co-owns with her daughter Julia Groves. Both websites were created to assist mothers in rearing, raising, and educating their children.




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