Five Foundational Systems: (1 hour, 13 Mins)


Five Foundational Systems for Homeschooling

by Donna Goff | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

Five Foundational Systems for Homeschooling

Foundational Systems:

1. First Steps- For those starting out or restarting their homeschool journey.

2. The EDGE- What do I do with my Little Children?

3. The Bicycle Approach- Homeschooling children of different levels, or just one child. (no bicycle needed!)

4. Lady of the Manor- How to Ditch the Stress and Invite Calm in Managing the Home and Training Children to Work (Character, Dominion, and Stewardship training).

5. Victory- Living in Victory Daily

Donna and her husband of 36 years have a family of seven children and twelve grandchildren. She has been homeschooling since 1983.Donna has a BA in Fine Art and Design and an MA Ed. She is the founder and co-owner with her daughter Julia Groves, of Moor House Academy, an LDS independent school and home school resource. Together, Donna and Julia run Royal Academe:  Educating for a Whole Life and Rediscovering the Lost Arts. Donna enjoys time with her family, family history work, the cultural arts, the lost arts, writing, frugality, and creativity.



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