Forgotten Symbols


Course Overview:

In December of 1984, Bruce R. McConkie came to New Mexico for a Regional Conference. We all gathered in rodeo arena to hear the prophet’s message. I remember thinking, “Wow it sure smells good in here for having a rodeo last night.”

I had come with my parents as a dutiful daughter with no expectations of learning or remembering anything. But the exact opposite happened. My life literally changed that day with a message about Christmas from a man of God.

McConkie talked about past Christmas’, the first Christmas and then he said the symbols of Christmas help us remember the mission of Christ. I thought, “What? How?” He then proceeded to talk about ornaments, colors, stars, bells, trees and explained how each pointed us to Christ and his mission. I was sad that I didn’t bring anything to write with (I’ve never forgotten since). As soon as I got home I ran to my room and wrote down as many symbols and meanings as I could possibly remember and then asked my parents what they remembered. This knowledge was beautiful and somehow freeing to me. These objects had never seemed important to me before and now they seemed to come to life. I sat my little sister next to me as we looked at the Christmas tree and I taught her what I had learned.

A few months later Bruce R. McConkie stood in General conference and shared a touching testimony of Christ one that I hoped I would gain and experience one day. He died shortly after and I thanked my Father in Heaven that I was able to learn these truths from him before he was taken home.

This experience started me on a lifelong journey of observing more and more symbols and metaphors that point us to Christ, especially Christmas, Temple and Easter symbols. I have created thirteen different videos each about a different symbol of Christmas. I’ve focused on those that are less common meanings and/or forgotten.

My hope is that you enjoy them, become familiar with them and allow the true meaning to enter your heart and to see them come alive with truth and understanding – to bring you and your family closer to Christ.

Lessons in this Course: