Gospel of Wisdom, Gospel of Power


Gospel of Wisdom, Gospel of Power

by Chris Hiemerdinger | LDS Homeschool Conference 2014

This presentation outlines the various ways that the adversary tries to tempt and destroy Latter-day Saints in the last days using worldly wisdom and temporal pressure. It highlights many extraordinary nuggets of information unknown to a lot of Church members and celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the most powerful movement on the face of the earth.

Chris Heimerdinger has been a full-time author, filmmaker and artist since about 1991. His Tennis Shoes Adventure series has sold almost two million copies. His most recent novel, “Drums of Desolation”, is the 12 volume of this series. He also directed the feature film, “Passage to Zarahemla”, and wrote much of the music for the motion picture. The love of his life is Emily and he is the father of eleven children: Steven, Zachary, Ammon, Alex, Sariah, Haleigh, Hannah, Michael, Liahona, Angelina and the youngest, Hunter, age 2.

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