Happiness Baseline (1 hour, 19 Mins)


The happiness baseline is a tool to raise your happy level overall! This checklist of items to be done every day for the next 30 days has been proven at Stanford university. Let’s get happy together!!


Kami Mitchell was born and raised in Utah. Kami put herself through college tutoring in math, managing a tax firm, and managing a hotel. She got her mathematics education bachelors from BYU. Kami served a mission for her church and lived in Hungary, speaking Hungarian, for 18 months. Kami got married to Mark and started her family. She has 3 healthy and happy children. Kami is a blue belt in 5 different types of karate (so don’t mess with her!) She and her husband own and direct an educational and leadership youth conference called youth For Freedom and that is coming up on 15 years.

Kami has presented over 689 times. She has created over 16 personal development CD’s. She was selected as the American Young Mother of Washington County, Utah, for 2013. Kami has wrestled in jello! She is a powerful mentor, trainer, teacher, mother, friend, and most of all a student. She loves to learn and share her light with others. She is also loads of fun!



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