Harmonizing ‘Religious’ and ‘Secular’ Study (48:08)


“Harmonizing 'Religious' and 'Secular' Study”

by Audrey Rindlisbacher | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

In a world where the religious and the secular are intentionally separated, it can be difficult to know how to harmonize them. The Lord tells us that all things are spiritual to Him. He also teaches us that all truth is connected. What, then, are the mental and spiritual tools for discovering truth, connecting it to all areas of life and applying it to ourselves? Come learn how simple this process is and how it will revolutionize your education!

Audrey Rindlisbacher has a liberal arts degree from George Wythe University where she has taught government, economics, literature and study skills. She is co-founder of the Ten Boom Institute where she teaches men and women of all ages the skills of lifelong learning. She is the author of a popular set of articles on the skills necessary for classical or liberal education. She and her husband Blaine are the homeschooling parents of 6 children.




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