Godly Characteristics Series – Heidi Lathen (29 min)


Godly Characteristics Series

Godly Characteristics of the Master

Godly Characteristics Series is a yearlong, LDS based course studying Godly Characteristics of the Master, our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is meant to be studied as a family (but can be done individually). As your family studies and LIVES these characteristics from month to month for the next 9 months, your family will gain a stronger testimony of Christ’s infinite atonement, of the amazing blessing of eternal salvation he has offered us. Christ is the ultimate example. We WILL become more like him as we study his life and the character he possesses.

In this day and age it is becoming harder and harder to find righteous examples, but if we have an eye single to Christ, if we teach our children HE is the way, if we choose to follow the Master—we will find him. We will be with Him…forever! What an incredible promise! Let us gather our families and together learn how to become more like our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He is the way.

I invited Heidi to be apart of this conference because of her new LDS program she was putting together. I had heard about it through a mutual friend and looked over her website. I was impressed with the simpleness of it and how she brought the gospel into everything. I also was impressed with the fireside speakers she had lined up.

Heidi came in excited and bubbly, I had personally imagined a quiet and shy woman. 🙂 We hit it off and began to prepare for the presentation and how the experience would happen. As I asked her questions and listened to her I noticed she wasn’t as bubbly as she was without being in front of the camera – she didn’t use her hands as much. Soon she relaxed and we were on a role.

You will learn about the reason why started her website and her passion from bringing in the gospel everywhere. 🙂 You will also receive several ideas to enhance your families education.

After she left we went through the recording and found that we had not hooked up the audio. Thank goodness we had a backup! the sound quality is not as good with the back up, but you will get the whole presentation.

Heidi is the mother of 6 beautiful children (ages 3-17) and the wife of a heroic husband (he’s a firefighter). They reside in scenic Cache Valley, Utah. Heidi has homeschooled her children for 11 years now. She feels like the most important things she can do in her life is to provide a home that is filled with the spirit, teach her children truth, and always have a hidden bag of Cadbury eggs on hand (just in case!). Heidi loves to read good books, watch old movies, meet new people, sew, decorate and create beautiful things. As a family, they love to travel, read, kayak, garden and ski.

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