Know What You Want – Heidi Totten (1 hr)


Know What You Want

Know What You Want
Home Education Heidi Totten tells us about nine life changing statements. Here are a few of them: If you feared absolutely nothing what could you create? Are you willing to let others be uncomfortable as you pursue your dreams? Be an experimenter? What else is Possible? With these statements she has accomplished goals she never thought she’d have, like sending people to Africa and building a cultural center. She encourages you to believe and accomplish big goals you never thought you could do. 🙂

As a special guest Heidi brought Moses, a Masai warrior from Kenya with her and we got to ask him about his projects and about his culture and dress. It was a treat.

Heidi and I have hung out in the same crowds for years. I was introduced to her by her mother. She couldn’t wait for me to meet her daughter because I was a homeschooler. 🙂
Heidi now goes to Kenya to help them with education and way of living. Sometimes her friends from their come here to help her promote building a cultural center. It just so happened that Moses was here when our recording session was scheduled, so he brought him into the conversation and interviewed him too. It was a wonderful experience.”Heidi uses her experience with humanitarian work as a basis of a lot of examples. But as she asks her questions, think in your mind about how YOU would answer them for your family and your life.”
Heidi shared her 9 statements of change that will help us to grow and stretch. Moses shared his life in Kenya and his vision for the cultural center. He also told us about his costume that his tribe still wears. He told us doesn’t jump well. 🙂 It was a treat!!

Heidi loves talking, traveling the world, and being in your business (literally!) She helps small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of Marketing and Technical sequences through strategy sessions and ongoing accountability. After 15 years of experience building technical teams for companies and organizations around the world, she quit to start her own consulting firm.

Heidi Totten is the author of Homeschool on Fire: Be the CEO of Your Business and Homeschool. She is the CEO of Heidi Totten Consulting and homeschools her two children.

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