Homeschool Life – Becky Rogers (1 hr 13 min)


Homeschool Life – Becky Rogers

Families Mentoring Families
Have you ever felt the call to help others around the world? There are many families around the world that don’t know how to teach their children, how to garden or how to clean a home.  These families need your family to help teach them. You can help in many different ways from home, at a center or traveling to their home. Come learn how to get involved and hear Becky’s story.

I invited Becky to be apart of this conference because during a conversation I had with her earlier in the year. I felt a connection with her and felt she would be a good addition. She came with no specific agenda so we “winged it.” We got to learn about her life, her childhood, family, meeting her husband and her decision to homeschool.
She was genuine, happy and full of great stories. Her main message became that of being strong in your family relationships. She taught us about humanitarian work and how her family has been involved with many humanitarian events.

Becky Rogers is a homeschool mother of 10 and certified Life Story Coach who is excited about living life ON purpose WITH purpose. Besides spending time with her family, her favorite thing is helping people break free of seemingly impossible challenges that keep them from becoming who they truly are meant to be.



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