Homeschool and the Family Dinner Table (48 Mins)


Homeschool and the Family Dinner Table

by Kevin & Marika Connole | LDS Homeschool Conference 2015

The family dinner table is the best place for a combination of learning, bonding, laughing, teaching and loving. Prepare to think about the family dinner table in ways you haven’t thought before. Included in this presentation are reasons why having dinner together is so important, what you can automatically teach your children at the table with no preparation, fun and interesting ways to enhance your dinner table experience, and scripture and hymns that support the family dinner table. All this because one day we want to sit at the ultimate family dinner table as described in Luke 22:30 “That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom.”

Kevin and Marika Connole are the parents of 8 children which includes two returned missionaries and one currently serving. Together they have established CompleteLee Family in order to help strengthen all the elements of families and individuals through wholesome resources and activities. Kevin, a PGA golf professional is the founder of Par 68 Golf, enjoys all sports, loves fly fishing,

puzzles and public speaking. Marika, a stay-at-home-schooling mom, has written hundreds of songs and books and has created numerous educational products She loves cooking, reading and writing.




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