Homeschooling those Noble and Great Ones


Homeschooling those Noble and Great Ones (Your children!)

by Amy Hansen | LDS Homeschool Conference 2013

Homeschooling those Noble and Great Ones (Your children!)

God showed Abraham the Noble and Great Ones who would be His rulers. The generation that we are raising are among those. Raising and educating  these great spirits can be a daunting and challenging task. Come share ideas and discussion about agency-based and spirit-led education. Amy will share some of her experiences from her 18 years of homeschooling and learning these methods. This class is designed to be a no guilt, no stress class, but to help you feel empowered and strengthened to homeschool your great children in the way they need it and the way only you can give them.

Amy Hansen is the founder of the Royal Academy for Future Kings and Queens of Zion.  She has been hosting the Etiquette Workshops and Simulations for 5 years now and has enjoyed learning and teaching etiquette and becoming true Kings and Queens to youth.  She is the mother of 7 Future Kings and Queens, grandmother to one beautiful little princess and is married to her sagacious King, Von Hansen.




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