How Media changes Our Perceptions


How Media changes Our Perceptions: Economic Lessons for children

by Forrest Baker | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

The influence of media has become a cultural driving force in today’s society. The only problem is that it has little to no respect for what you believe or what you want to teach your children. This presentation is meant to help inform parents of the very real detrimental effects of media, whether it is through video games, youtube, facebook, movies, netflix or plain old television. It also will help give parents tools so that they can discuss with their children how they can view entertainment and how often they should view entertainment ( interactive or otherwise ) as well as some alternative sources for entertainment Economic Lessons for Children – Understanding how the economy works is vital to making important choices in life. This is a presentation that goes over some of the important lessons that are vital to children understanding how government and society influence the economy. It has simple methods for helping children understand how they can be a part of ‘the economy’ and what it means to provide goods and services for others at a price.

Forrest Baker is an author, computer programmer, and inventor. He has five children and has been involved in the creation and distribution of media and media content for almost three decades. His second children’s book is currently nearing completion and will teach about inflation, government overspending, and that in a world of infinite wants and limited resources the only way to create a budget is to use the word ‘no’.




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