Doctrines-Principles-Applications (18 min)


Doctrines ~ Principles ~ Application

Sharee Jones

After teaching with the Key Pattern of Learning I came up with a great way to teach Doctrines, Principles and Applications to my children. I created a treasure map!

I graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s in Fine Art/Photography and a minor in French. This is where I found a love of the wet darkroom process as well as many alternative and 19th century styles of printing and making art.I served a full time mission to Southern France.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be re-married to a wonderful cowboy who balances me and beautiful children who teach me every day. They are my greatest accomplishment! Homeschooling with Christ Centered Learning and witnessing my children understand truth has been an amazing experience. I want to ignite that passion in parents as they seek; provide knowledge (truth), from the mind and then teach parents how to; invite the Holy Ghost into their lives so that understanding (revelation) blazes in the heart’s of their children.