If not College then What?


If not College then What?

by Dana Wood | LDS Homeschool Conference 2012

This can be an agonizing question for a homeschool mom! What do you do if your child isn’t interested in college? What are the options if they have hands-on skills instead of academic skills? Or maybe both? Education is important, but not everyone is college material, right? What’s a mom to do? This class will help you maneuver the mine field of possibilities.

Dana and her husband Spencer have been homeschooling since 1985, back when homeschooling wasn’t cool.  Dana read John Holt’s book Teach Your Own when she was first married and decided homeschooling was what she was going to do with her children. They have 10 children, eight boys and two girls, and have graduated six from their homeschool. She and her family have followed her military husband back and forth across the country, leaving homeschool co-ops in their wake.  They have lived in diverse places as West Virginia, New Jersey and Alaska. Now that Spencer is retired they have settled in Rigby, Idaho. Dana enjoys all the fiber arts (knitting, spinning and weaving) as well as quilting and sewing. She wishes she had more time for her hobby farm, reading and gardening. Dana has worked with LDSHE since 2005 and is also the editor and a writer for the LDSNHE Newsletter The Sentinel.




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