Increase in Learning through Symbology


Increase in Learning through Symbology

by Tresta Neil | LDS Homeschool Conference 2013

If we are Gods and Goddesses in training shouldn’t we be learning the basics of creation?  Where do you begin when you create anything?  Learn the answers to these questions and see the Plan of Happiness like you’ve never seen it before.  It will be a 3D experience!  Also, learn how the study of symbols enhances your learning and retention skills.   After this class you will be changed!  You will see objects, plants, people, even stories differently.


Tresta Neil is a happy wife, a hip mother and hopp’n business woman.  She loves homeschooling her eight children.  She loves to learn and one of her passions is symbology – the study of symbols and Rituals and Symbolism.  Another passion is teaching and mentoring.  She teaches a monthly Theology Tree (centering Christ in all subjects) Class and an 8 week Mathematics in Creation class.  This year she will teach a Gospel in Geometry, Christ’s Roles found in Astronomy and Eternal Warrior Mentoring (an addiction prevention program).  Tresta has been teaching others one on one, in classrooms, as guest speaker for other organizations and over the internet for several years.   Tresta and her husband, Thom, are the co-creators of The Keystone Connection.  Her hobbies include drawing, organizing and having fun with her teenagers and laughing.  “Anything is Possible” is her motto!



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