Lizards, Monkeys and Angels….Oh, My


Lizards, Monkeys and Angels….Oh, My

by Tam Pendleton | LDS Homeschool Conference 2013

Let’s get real here…have you seen any little monkeys at your house?

What kind of family are you growing over there?

Science has discovered that we humans have three brains in one! Within these three, very diverse factions of the brain, each part will fight for domination of the mind. Our level of performance, our hidden motivations, addictions and the power of our love are all clamoring for control; all to decide, “Who’s the boss”? We will take a spiritual look at how this data is affecting you… and the price your family pays to live in the realms of the Lizard-Monkey world.

With an understanding of how families fall into pain dysfunction (and all of them do) we can set the stage to teach and understand forgiveness. The greatest love and the deepest of wounds are born at home. We are all taught that we must forgive, but were you ever taught HOW to forgive? As we look at the practical application of forgiveness in the family, we open the door to the wondrous comfort and healing that can come to broken hearts of all ages.

Tam Pendleton was born and in raised in Redlands, California. She and her husband, Don, have been married for 33 years and are the proud parents of five great kids.

Tam is the founder of her own training company called Vital Connections. She trains individuals and families, in the framework of strong LDS values, to heal themselves and learn to mentor their own families into wholeness, with love. Tam is The Happy Life Warrior and creator of the Hardwired for Happy Academy where she provides weekly training, guiding women to step into their personal power; healing their relationships with loved ones, work, money, and God.

Her intuitive energy skills as a Certified Emotion Code—Body Code Practitioner, fuel her personal mentoring business, leading her students to emotional, physical and financial freedom as a transformational life coach.



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