Homeschooling at the Last Minute


Homeschooling at Last Minute – Jacob Householder

Homeschooling at the Last Minute
Jacob saw that he was not receiving the education he wanted during his Senior year in High School and asked his parents if he could drop out and study on his own. They said yes! He gladly studied the constitution and the founding of our nation.

My name is Jacob Householder. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and am studying Financial Economics at Brigham Young University–Idaho. I serve on the board of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration. I am currently working as a research and tech intern for the Universal Model. My primary professional goal is to restore and establish truth in education in the fields of history, government, and science.
​I am working to become a scholar on the United States Constitution and to play a role in its restoration. I truly believe we can heal America, and am eagerly working to educate others on the necessary steps to accomplish this feat. For the foreseeable future, I will continue to teach classes and seminars on the principles of successful government in an effort to restore our nation to its original grandeur. Eventually, I would like to travel the globe, teaching world leaders about the specific steps they can take to also experience political and religious freedom in their respective countries.
I currently teach classes in the community on the harmony between religion and new scientific discoveries, primarily published in the Universal Model volumes.

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