Get Confident – Jeanie Cisco-Meth


Get Confident – Jeanie Cisco-Meth

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“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” Viktor E Frankl Statistics say that one in four people are bullied. I say that four in four are bullied. What makes the difference between being devastated by the bullying and not being affected at all? It is the choice people make by their response. People with a high personal value do not allow others to define who they are. They have decided they are valuable and it doesn’t matter what others say.
They are the 75% of the population that is not affected by the bullying. The 25% that is affected or devastated by bullying are allowing others to decide their value. They are believing what others say about them. You can’t control what others say; you can only control your reaction to it. This universe is made up of a fabric that each one of us is a part of. If you do not fulfill your purpose, there will be a hole that no one else can fill. You must live your purpose. Stop giving others the power to stop you and control you. Put your hands back on the steering wheel of your life and create the life you desire. Take full responsibility for where you are so you have the power to change where you are going.

Jeanie walked in prepared for teaching. She brought her paper and markers to help her share her message. She is a blast to have around, full of energy, excitement and spontaneity. As we sat down together to make a plan of action she opened up and shared her vision and we made a plan to fit that vision. It was fun to improvise and learn a new way.
I sat down as the representation of the 5000 people – in other words I was her guinea pig. 🙂 In her presentation she asked me the questions and I answered them honestly. She got me to realize that some of my dreams were not coming true because of a negative belief I have/had about not being smart enough. (Yeah, that one still comes up).
At one time she asked me to write a name I had been called onto a label. I wrote, Breasta, as that was my common nick name in junior high among to boys. She then asked me to put it on someone else – well the only person at that time in the room was Dave, our producer, so  I labeled him. She asked me how that felt and I said, “Weird, not good at all, it didn’t even fit.” “Good.” she said, “That’s exactly what its suppose to feel like.” Well, she didn’t see the label and I looked over at Dave in hopes to get a smile out of him and he frowned.
If you have ever been bullied or listened to those negative voices in your head, you will want to hear this presentation. She will help guide you and give you tools to fight back and win over those voices.

Jeanie is an expert who speaks on ways to improve relationships by Bully Proofing You. Many people think they can change their life by changing the people around them. Jeanie’s message teaches you how to take control of your life no matter what anyone says.
She was a high school educator for 17 years and saw firsthand the devastation a bully can have on a person, classroom, or community. She also witnessed the power of personal value and how it can create the life you dream about. Through Jeanie’s trainings and books, Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out and The Change, you will learn that is doesn’t really matter what others say, it matters how you react.
Jeanie is exhilarating and when you meet her you will learn very quickly that you control your life. If she can create her dream, you can create yours. Learn from Jeanie Cisco-Meth how to improve your life without letting others hurt you.


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