Defending Truth – Jenny Baker


Defending Truth Without Contention

Defending Truth Without Contention / Education in the Government
Everyone in this world has their own definition of truth that guides their philosophies and actions. How do we seek, recognize and stand for truth without being contentious? This presentation will give simple steps to seek and recognize truth as well as techniques to help us become the peacemakers the Savior asked us to be while standing for truth and righteousness.

Jenny and her husband drove all the way from St. George to share with us her message and warnings. Her main concern was keeping the presentation positive. The first half of her message was about what the future of education is going. She showed a video from the ACT program made about how the future could look. It was actually cool and positive, but then she asked the question, “What message is behind the teaching? and “Who is doing the teaching?”  Come to find out the “stockholders” are those who are investing in education and they are anti-God, anti-community and anti-family. People we don’t want to be having teach our children! The second half was about how we can fight back. Trust God, trust that he has entrusted YOU to teach your children. This is a very informative presentation – eye opening.

The Doctrine of the Family has always been a guiding light in the lives of Blake and Jenny Baker, but it wasn’t until recently that they have had the time and opportunity to do defend these eternal truths. Jenny and Blake are two of the founding members of Gathering Families. They recently helped head up the Family Lights the World event for the World Congress of Families where they worked with families around the world to shine a light on the Family! Jenny attended the United Nations CSW last March and is currently working with Big Ocean Women to empower parents in third world countries to teach their own children. Blake and Jenny live in St. George and are the parents of five daughters



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