Artistic Education – Karl Beckstrand


Loving Arts and Humanities

How the Humanities Enrich Us, Save Us & Transmit Values
Bestselling author and college media instructor shares ways to engage learners via the arts.
Where do stories come from? Can you paint, cook, dance, or speak a foreign language? Beckstrand lives to share ideas with educators, organizations, and families on how to engage learners in story, art, and music creation/performance, history, and entertainment. Beckstrand shows how the humanities convey values like courage, generosity, faith, and friendship. His activity suggestions inform and entertain all ages. Participants will gain appreciation for values transmission and be able to implement activities in one-on-one or classroom settings for hands-on engagement. (Can be in Spanish. Can be a panel with notice.)
Areas of expertise: Art, Design & Layout (including Adobe CC); Publishing & Print Production; Mass Media (TV, radio, theater & film); Creativity; Curriculum Creation; Music; History; Spanish, German, ASL & English as a Second Language; History & Cultures; Museums; Chaplaincy; Genealogy; Teaching & Learning Activities

Karl came into the home taller than expected. 🙂 He sat down and discussed his two presentations in detail and then we went in to the studio room. I did the introduction with him. I found that I ran out of questions faster because he did not have any children. But quickly found more when we talked about the children’s books he had written.
Karl completed the first presentation with me about the Book of Mormon. He had successfully learned German by using the Book of Mormon. I especially loved his vocabulary (glossary) list at the back of his book. He also wrote the pronoun charts at the front.
His next presentation was given presentation style at first and soon found that it wasn’t flowing or alive as we wanted. David sat down with him and asked him questions while he gave his presentation. It was so much better. You’re going to enjoy learning about the humanities and how ideas of how to teach them in your home.


Karl Beckstrand is the bestselling and award-winning author of 17 multicultural books and more than 40 e-book titles (reviews by Kirkus, School Library Journal, The Horn Book blog, ForeWord Reviews). Raised in San Jose, CA, he has a B.A. in journalism from BYU, an M.A. in international relations from APU, and a broadcast & film certificate from Film A. Academy. Since 2004 he has run Premio Publishing. A college media instructor, Beckstrand contrasts traditional with digital book publishing.
He has presented to Taiwan’s Global Leadership for Youth, city and state governments, festivals, and schools. Beckstrand’s nationally lauded Y.A. stories, e-book mysteries, ESL/ELL Spanish/bilingual books, nonfiction, and wordless books feature ethnically diverse characters—and usually end with a twist. His work has appeared in: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Border’s Books, Costco, Deseret Book, iBooks, The Children’s Miracle Network, LDS Film Festival, the U.S. Congressional Record, Papercrafts Magazine, and various broadcasts. FB, Twitter,,

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